I know there s a a million fitness programs out there. What makes this one different? Simply put, it caters to the current state of your nervous system. What does that mean? Our nervous systems can be in 2 different states, sympathetic or parasympathetic. Safe or unsafe. Or even more basic, stressed out or not. 


Have you ever felt as though no matter how much rest you got you just couldn't seem to recover? The reality is, you're suffering from chronic stress. We as humans are only able to sustain a recation to a stressful event for a short amount of time. If that event continues, our system becomes depleted and begins to suffer as the stimulus of stress continues. You're brain function starts to decline, as does your immune system. Your  reproductive hormones become unbalanced , and digestive system becomes unstable as well, just to name a few detriments that result from a chronic state of stress.


 That’s why I designed this program. To help you recover from stress and help you maintain a level of fitness. I’ve been coaching high intensity functional fitness for a decade. During that time I began to study stress and it’s effect on the body. Then I started to understand why all of the first responders and shift workers I was coaching were having widely varied results with their current fitness program. The key word here is stress, and lots of it. Stress in short spurts can be beneficial for performance. Stress over a long period of time is detrimental to your body and its functions as a whole, not just your training.


Using paramedics as an example, most of the medics I know work anywhere from 48 hrs - 72 hrs in a row. Most of the time, they’re getting calls on a very consistent basis throughout that time period. Sometimes the calls are relatively mundane and sometimes they aren’t. Either way, they’re not getting adequate sleep because each time they fall asleep they get a call, go to said call, get back to the station and try to get more sleep, before the next call comes in. But each call is an adrenaline hit and trying to come down off of that is no easy task. 


Needless to say, the last thing those medics need when they get off shift is another stress response. This is where I would see them begin the down hill slide with their performance in the gym or they’d start skipping the gym all together. We’ve all been there. Some days it just seems as though you can never fully recover. The reality is, your nervous system is blown as well as your adrenals. 


That’s where this program comes into play. Each workout is designed to cater to an individuals current state of stress. Because, the most important part of your workout regiment should be incremental progress over time. And you can’t make progress if you’re either working out too much, or not at all. Each workout can be easily adjusted to how your feeling on that particular day. As I eluded to earlier, something is better then nothing. 1% better everyday.

The F.I.T. Program