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Quanta Frequency Therapy is a revolutionary modality that uses discs that are made with electrified carbonated metal that emit different frequencies to communicate with your nervous system to effectively eliminate different dysfunctions in the body. For instance, your Adrenals function at 1,335 Hz or your heart is at 696 Hz. If your Adrenals are producing 1,000 Hz, then you have a dysfunctional frequency and the most effective way to fix the dysfunction is by applying the appropriate disc in the most effective area on the body. Another way to describe it is, imagine your wifi signal is weak. You can't steam Netflix because the signal isn't strong enough and the video won't buffer. So now think of your Adrenals as your wifi signal (all of my first responders). If you have difficulty waking up, poor energy, poor libido, poor workout recovery, poor short term memory, or cognitive decline, then your adrenals are operating at less then 1,335 Hz and you need bio frequency therapy to help boost your wifi signal. 

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