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Corrective Manual Therapy

Corrective Manual Therapy is a complex, integrated approach that’s sole purpose is to help people resolve the underlying cause of their pain and dysfunction that is inhibiting their performance. This is not your typical sports massage practice.


I believe the first step to living a pain free life is manual therapy. This isn’t your normal everyday therapeutic massage. Not by a long shot. The human body is inherently complex. There is no one and only cause for your chronic pain. There could be any number of layers to your pain, and that’s where I separate myself from most therapists that are out there. 


When I first started my massage practice it was very common for me to be very frustrated with the lack of results I was getting with my clients. I learned right away that the nervous system is king. Everything revolves around the current state of the nervous system. Fight or flight or threat equals pain. Rest and digest or safety equals no pain. Yes, the concept is really that easy. It’s finding out why you’re experiencing that threat response that’s the trick. 


I sought out the leaders of my industry. The smartest Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Strength Coaches, and Massage Therapists on earth. And for years, my one and only priority was to learn as much as I possibly could from them. Over the years I’ve worked diligently to able to integrate all of this knowledge into a manual therapy practice that is not only unique, but very effective. 


Pain is a request for change. If that change doesn’t happen in a timely manner, that request will get louder and louder until, if it hasn’t been adequately addressed, your body will shut down. Pain is also an experience that is unique to that individual. So what does that mean and how can I help you? Your whole session with me is an assessment process. That assessment process is pealing back the layers of your pain experience to find the underlying cause. It could be as simple as a muscle compensation or chronic inflammation, or as complex as higher order neurology such as an eye dysfunction that is causing a movement dysfunction that ultimately culminates in your pain symptoms. 


Your pain is complex. You need a therapist that has complex solutions to complex problems. My massage therapy practice is unlike any other sports massage, or manual therapy practice you’ve ever received. My purpose is to help you get out pain and stay out of pain, as well as, optimize your performance. All while keeping in mind that performance is as individual as the pain you’re experiencing. 

 began my coaching over a decade ago teaching boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts. In 2010 I discovered CrossFit and was a full time coach until early 2019. During that time I have taken 100s of continuing education hours such as, Functional Range Conditioning, Kinstretch, Primal Movement Chains, and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. One of my biggest takeaways was, improper movement mechanics can lead to pain and discomfort. As I began my massage therapy practice 6 years ago, I began to discover that the corrections I made while the person was on the table wouldn’t last long unless specific movements were integrated into the practice. Because most people aren’t hurting when they aren’t moving, so, a few hours after they got off the table some of their symptoms would return. If this is the case then we get you in the gym rather then on the table and get your body functioning properly again. That being said, your body is sending a pain signal because it wants to move better, my job becomes helping you get there.

Intentional Strength Training


This is a strength training program that is designed to help you improve your performance and live a pain free life. 


You can’t be functional human if you’re in pain. Most of the time, the people that come into my manual therapy practice are in pain because of the what they’re not doing. Sitting too much, standing too much, running too much, riding too much, the list goes on. In each of those scenarios, a little bit of strength goes a long way. 


When you do a thing too much and you don’t have the strength to endure the demands of what you’re doing, muscles fail and other muscles pick up the slack. This is how the body works, the brain doesn’t think in individual muscles, it thinks in movement solutions. Most of the time, it’s the smaller muscles doing the work of the bigger muscle groups. If the smaller muscle groups fail, then that’s where pain comes into the picture because your body has run out of movement solutions. Because your body has  run out of movement solutions, you have pain. And that pain is your body is telling you to stop before you get injured. 


This is a training program that’s ultimate intent is to give you as many movement solutions as possible. This task is accomplished by making sure that your body moves in as many directions as possible. There are no bad movements, only un prepared bodies. Making sure you’re strong enough in as many directions as possible will make you more resilient over time ultimately allowing you to do the things you want to do longer and more efficiently. 


A more resilient body is a more prepared body. A more prepared body is more secure. Security means less threat, and less threat means less pain. 

Intentional Strength Training

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